our products

AAD FOOD company aims to satisfy the demand of the Local and worldwide market in "Lebanese Mouneh", (Thyme, sumac, kishek, pickles, rice, flour, bulgur, lentils, moghrabieh,Spices, ready powder mix etc) choosing the finest quality raw materials and industrialized them in compliance with the international standards of food safety. ISO 2200:2018 certified.

our mission

For the coming years, our primary objectives are to increase the number of our loyal distributors, to extend the list of our products in order to satisfy all the needs of our actual and future clients, and to continue offering the best services and products respecting the highest quality standards.

Our goal

AAD FOOD's goal is to become a top of mind brand name when thinking of "Lebanese Mouneh " ( kishek, pickles, rice, flour, bulgur, lentils, moghrabieh,spices etc)