About us

AAD FOOD company aims to satisfy the demand of the worldwide market in "Lebanese Mouneh " ( kishek, pickles, rice, flour, bulgur, lentils, moghrabieh,Spices etc) choosing the finest quality products.
1989: Establishment of the brand AAD by a personal initiative of Mr. Georges Aad through Aad Establishment For Commerce & Manufacturing.
Headquartered in Baabda - Lebanon, AAD FOOD company targets the small, medium and large enterprises; (minimarket, supermarket, restaurant, hospital, hotel, etc.) all over the world.

Confident that our traditional Lebanese ingredients products and meals "Mouneh" ( kishk, makdous, rice, bulgur, lentils, etc) are the healthiest and satisfy most the needs of the modern consumer looking for the easy to prepare quick delicious dishes, we at AAD FOOD company, set that one of our first objectives is to put these products at the reach of largest number of Lebanese consumers. We also promised our clients to insure them these products fresh, free of any contaminants or additives and satisfying the international quality specifications.
Our staff has been trained to produce and distribute the premium quality products. All our products are 100% natural and carefully selected and packed without adding any preservatives or artificial colors. 

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